Safety & Protection

The safety of our models and all creative participants is of the utmost importance to WMT. We understand that the fashion industry is rife with many dangers, scams and health risks. With our event we hope to reduce these risks through education, careful selection of industry professionals, and through conducting an open, honest and fair event, which benefits all.

Child models

The modeling industry has great appeal to young people and there are a lot of under-aged models that dream of making it big in the fashion industry. We understand the concerns of parents and guardians of young models and guarantee that the modelling agencies invited to the World Modelling Convention are renowned names in the business, whereby professionalism and reliability are paramount.

The participation in WMT of any under-aged model (under the age of 18) can only happen with the agreement of а parent or legal guardian. The model will receive a model pass plus one free pass for their chaperon. During the event, models under the age of 18 should always have an adult accompanying them.

Model companions

We recommend that all models take a companion with them to photo and video shoots to ensure their safety at all times. To allow this, all creative participants can purchase a “Plus One”. The “Plus One” ticket is also suitable for photographers or fashion designers who need the help of an assistant during the event. Please, keep in mind that each participant can bring only one person with them.

Health & well-being

Industry standards impose an unrealistic ‘ideal’ body type on models which often creates considerable pressure to use unhealthy means for weight loss and control. The WMT will provide educational classes led by trained nutritionists which will focus on the dangers of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Models will learn how they can have the ‘perfect body’ through a balanced diet of healthy eating and exercise. Models will also learn skincare techniques from trained dermatologists, offering information on how best to take care of the skin.


Many newcomers into the industry are unaware of their legal rights when it comes to images and material, meaning models often miss out on the money they are rightfully entitled to. To help prepare models, WMT will offer classes led by lawyers, on contracts and copyright.


In addition, every piece of content created during the event will be legally protected for commercial use. All participants will sign an agreement which will give them the right to use the content for self-promotion only. If someone wants to use the photos or videos for commercial purposes they will have to pay a fee to everyone involved. This fee will be shown in the app for each attendee before and during the event. This way, whoever wants to use the content for commercials will be able to choose the people to work with based on their fees as well as other criteria. 

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