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*Please see questions and answers below before submitting questions to company by phone or email.


Do you accept Babies? ​

We do NOT sign/develop children under the ages of 3 due to the lack of paid/professional work available for younger ages in the market.  Babies need to be living in a MAJOR market due to their unexpected schedules, therefore always requiring a back-up baby to be on set, in case the hired Baby has unexpected behavior.  Clients need the babies to be living within the city of production to be hired.


What type of EXPERIENCE do you book for your models and talent? ​

 Ultimate Image books all types of work for our PROFESSIONAL models and talent, based on what is available in the market for each talent. 

Bookings may include commercial print, runway, TV commercials, promotional modeling, voice-over, and films.  The economy, model/talent's availability, and market (FARGO) GREATLY affect available work, not all talent will experience the same success in opportunities and bookings.  We also specialize in placing our models and talent with national/international agencies and national casting agents where opportunities are greater and rewarding.

We also book development opportunities that include local workshops to help grow, photo shoots for professional marketing, and national/international tours for full exposure to industry.




Is there a fee to be  represented by Ultimate Image, llc?
No, there is no fee to be represented by represented - you should NEVER pay an agent to represent you. The agency earns a commission when you work. The standard agency commission is 20%.
While there is no fee to be represented by our agency, models/talent are expected to cover their own expenses for their own EXPERIENCES such as workshops, travel, agency tours, composite cards, test shoots, website, etc.  Agents do not fund the development of a new face.



Do I have to take modeling classes with your agency?
No, we are not a modeling school.  We do, however, expect our talent/models to be educated, knowledgeable, and prepared for the industry.    IF a model/talent comes to our company, looking for representation, and they are not prepared, or familiar with the industry, we will offer suggestions, create development opportunities, and provide resources to help gain experience and knowledge in the industry.  Ultimate Image provides EXPERIENCES & EVENTS to help gain exposure, understanding and experience in the industry. 


REMEMBER - professional clients DO NOT want to pay professional rates for a talent who is NOT professional - we will help guide, direct and provide the best EXPERIENCE to prepare a professional talent.


 It is often expected that agencies will front all costs of developing new models/talent to start their career.  This is a MAJOR misunderstanding in the industry. 

It is TRUE, models do not EVER need to pay to be represented.  Agencies make money off of commissions from the work a model/talent performs.  However, that is different from investing in your business start-up costs that are typical of ANYONE starting a business. 


A model/talent is an entrepreneur and must treat their journey as a BUSINESS.  To be a successful, professional model/talent need to have the essential tools to market their brand.

As a model/actor you are a self-employed, independent contractor. You are considered a sole proprietor in your own small business; you are not an employee of the agency. In addition to basic start-up costs, professional models/talent, are required to cover all of their own promotional expenses such as composite cards, websites, development.

Don't make the mistake of expecting an agent to pay for your expenses. Agents consider this extremely rude, presumptuous and unprofessional and it is a sure fire way to make the agent show you the door. If an agent is willing to help you financially they will offer it. Keep in mind this is extremely rare and is generally offered only by large agencies in markets such as New York, Paris or Milan and they will deduct what you owe them the moment you book a job.

Agencies in smaller markets simply do not have the resources to finance new models. However, the agencies in smaller markets are very important to a new model's career.  If you have the opportunity to work with an agency in a smaller market don't pass it up, we are a valuable asset to your career. And please, please don't expect modeling agencies to finance your career. Remember that agents are just that - they are AGENTS. They are not bankers or collection agents.

Normal Start-Up Expenses
Test shoot with photographers = $400+/shoot
Model/Talent Coaching/Development  = $100/hour
Website, Comp Cards, Headshots/resume = $60/month
Demo Reel = $500+
Hair/Make-up Artist & Wardrobe Stylist  = $75/hour+


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