World Modeling Tour


The World Modeling Tour (WMT) is a completely new and unique event that will create opportunities for its participants to interact, work together and learn from successful professionals. Alongside fashion shows, photo and video shoots, job interviews and professional mentoring, there will also be drink receptions and other events which will provide the chance to forge new contacts and friendships.


Why come to WMT?

The benefits of the WMT, however, go beyond just the networking perks it offers. The primary incentive for taking part in the event is the chance it affords you to create or revamp your professional fashion industry profile. Models will be able to gather up to 400 stylish and innovative photos and videos for their portfolios, while photographers will amass a spectacular body of work. Budding and established fashion photographers will be able to produce their dream shoot, thanks to the huge supply of models, as well as free use of any additional studio and photographic equipment they may require. They will have the chance to carry out as many as 4 different photo or video shoots over the weekend event – more than enough material from which to build a stunning portfolio.


Professional mentors

The WMT goes beyond the reach of more traditional fashion events with the extent of professional mentoring it provides. It will strive to connect potential and aspiring models to real job prospects. In addition to free makeup and hairstyling services and modelling opportunities, models may be interviewed by top modelling agencies, or be offered brand endorsements or hired for video commercials. In conclusion, we are confident that the WMC will prove a life-altering experience if you are looking for that big break to kick-start or re-launch your career in the industry.

What to expect?

  • Photo shoots

For many of our participants, this is the most important activity at the event. In a world without the WMT, organizing even one photo shoot is a difficult task. Finding the right location or building the right decor is just the beginning. Then you have to find a photographer, model, makeup artist and hairstylist. On top of that, you need to find or buy a variety of suitable clothes for the model. At the World Modeling Tour, all participants will have access to more than themed decor studios equipped with everything you need for a great photo shoot. Each studio will be uniquely decorated presenting a different theme, plus traditional photo studio backdrops. Over 70 photo shoots will be executed during the weekend.


  • Video Shoots

Video shoots require a lot more preparation and effort. That's why we advise all videographers and producers to create the concept for the video before the event, write the description and coordinate with all models and other participants can be aware of what they are getting in to.


  • Fashion Shows

We will build an amazing catwalk for you with video walls, live stream and an audience. Designers will book all the models for their show in advance via our mobile app and models can participate in as many shows as they want if the designer agrees. 20 minutes of catwalk glory, an amazing experience for the models and a huge show for all guests and live stream viewers.


  • Educational Program

Experience is very important if you want to succeed in any industry. Learning the basics is just the beginning but it's the most important part of your journey. Our mentors have years of experience and will teach you everything you need to know. Classes about modeling, photography, fashion design, hairstyle and makeup will give you the chance to learn from the best in the industry and show you the way to success.


  • Job Interviews

Models can expect the best and most respected modeling agencies in the world to be present at the convention. Fashion designers will have the chance to impress representatives from some of the largest fashion houses looking for new talent. Photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists are usually freelancers and we are confident that many of them will find opportunities for future job opportunities from modeling agencies, designers, advertisers and more.


  • Networking

Large networking areas will be available for use by all participants at any time. Have a drink and a snack, chat with other participants or discuss future collaborations. The area will have direct viewing access to the catwalk, so you will have a good time even if you are just having a break.

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